Project Disputes

Early intervention can keep jobsite problems out of the courtroom.

Delays, differing site conditions, changes and change orders, defective work, and defective plans and specifications can all result in significant cost overruns that threaten the success of a construction project.

Failing to respond to these issues immediately and thoughtfully can result in even bigger problems down the road, including disputed claims, withheld payments, and expensive litigation.

Lawsuits often amount to legal battles over financial responsibility for cost overruns. But such battles can be won or lost well before anyone even thinks to call a lawyer. Valid claims for extra money and time can be severely weakened or wholly compromised through inaction or hesitation. This also holds true in cases where a contractor has a valid defense against a claim for back charges, repair costs, or liquidated damages.

Unfortunately, many contractors have seen six and seven-figure claims vanish in a puff of smoke because they did not follow their contract’s timing, notice, and documentation requirements, or failed to adequately document communications, contract changes, or claims for extra time or money. Even when such missteps do not prove fatal, poor planning and documentation create unnecessary obstacles to relief, often increasing both the costs and risks of pursuing a lawsuit or arbitration.

When involved early enough, I have helped contractors to take the right steps at the right time to minimize their fallout from job site problems, preserve their claims and defenses, and position themselves in the best way possible to resolve any future disputes quickly and on favorable terms.

Contact me if you believe your project may be impacted by defective work, product, or design, or by delays, differing site conditions, changes in the work, or anything else that threatens to increase the project’s costs. An investment in early intervention will nearly always pay off.

How to work with me:

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your problem and goals.

I will review the facts and important documents. If possible, I will speak with those involved.

I will provide you with an early case assessment, including:

  • An evaluation of your case and what it’s worth (vs. the cost of litigating),
  • A strategy tailored to your specific goals, and
  • Potential options for ending the case quickly.

Run things by me if:

  • You are being asked to sign a contract that you do not understand,
  • You are on a project and see problems ahead, or
  • An outstanding claim or issue threatens to become a lawsuit.

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